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How Do You Gain Self Confidence?

Being confident is very important. It helps you get to your goals.If you do not believe in yourself, then you would not achieve much in life. Self-confidence drives us and motivates us.

Variations in found amongst different people, when we talk about confidence. This difference remains largely unexplained. There are two theories presented that describe as to why people differ in such an important trait.

It is the age-old nature versus nurture debate. Some people think that the variation is related to our genetic make up. They signal towards the presence or absence of “Confidence gene”. Scientists have not come across any supporting information.

Theory that puts the blame on nurture sounds more appropriate. It purports that self confidence development largely hinge upon on our upbringing.

We have no control over our childhoods. We cannot change how we are bought up. However, once we grow up, we can improve our conditions as we are in charge. We have the power to shape our futures and ourselves. You can become more confident following the techniques described below.

Stop negative self-talk. You might not have noticed this but you might be constantly discouraging yourself subconsciously. You must put an end to this. Instead of saying, “I can’t”, say, “I can”. This will make you more confident. You will find yourself taking up new challenges. Constantly affirm yourself. You will have to do that regularly for positive outcomes.

Another way of going about this is hypnosis. Use hypnotic recorded tapes. Put them on before you go to sleep.

Listening to these hypnotic suggestions while you go to sleep will make you more confident. Your mind will process and cultivate the idea. This technique is lot simpler than the first one as for the former ones requires conscious effort.

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