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Is This The World You Want For Yourself, Family and Friends?

All things manifest as a result of where we are at spiritually. There has been a silent spiritual war going since time immemorial and this has now reached a critical juncture. The choice is freedom or tyranny.

Or, put another way, the direction for humanity will mean either living in the New World Order global domination fascist dictatorship where we will be enslaved, or through our co creation we can be part of the New Paradigm Experience, where love peace and light reigns.

The choice is up to us all. What is your choice?

Are you getting what my articles are really about? Have you seen the ‘big picture?’If you have read through and followed previous articles then you will realize that they are all about you. Indeed, these communications serve as your clarion call to action: To inspire you to urgently do something towards making the heart-felt and humanity driven new paradigm experience happen by:

1. Spreading the word

After learning that the world is steeped in massive lies and untruths, perpetuated by disinformation and mass media sources… etc then shining a light on the global elite dark cabal, exposing them for what they are, making others aware of what they’re doing to humanity… the next stage is:

2. Doing your ‘inner work’ – look into your inner being, spending some time in meditation, affirmations, prayers, controlled thoughts, intention for peace… acting on your conscience… whatever is appropriate to you. -All these things when carefully directed manifest reality.

When this is done by a critical mass number of individuals on the planet the desired outcome the new paradigm experience will manifest. Don’t leave it to others; the more individuals involved the more likely it will happen.

We will be assisted by higher dimensional beings of love and light. The greater your intentions in this project the greater their assistance.

3. Chose love over fear… – As your way of going about the above.

Have you carried out any of the above actions yet? What can you do..? If you haven’t done anything, then how about choosing three people in your life who you could make understand what this is all about…

Remember, without the critical mass number of individuals needed for the new paradigm experience to happen the future of the human race will look very bleak.

PS-The hidden powers that be with their tyrannical New World Order global domination agenda won’t mind if you ignore this message.

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