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One Love at a Time

Beyond romance, though certainly encompassing that, sits a golden rule enshrined in the eternal sphere of life beyond, but inclusive of, our humanity. We are afforded just one love at a time. It’s a simple life we are to live.


With patience and contentment we’re blessed in accepting a linear process; taking one thing at a time.

Multitasking, in such a busy day, on the other hand, is the capability of hell, when sensibility warrants peace by rejection of temptation to acquire.

Multitasking may seem like a skill, and it may help us achieve multiple things simultaneously, but think of what we give up in order to grab several things at once. It’s a waste if it doesn’t buy us time to contemplate, or sow meaningfully into life.

Simplicity is always a better option than complexity where there is a choice.


One love at a time is slowing down from break-neck speed, in order to run, then jog, then walk, before crawling and, eventually, sitting. The contemplative person learns more, is more inspired, loves easier, and stresses – in unnecessary ways – less.

Life is in the slowing down.

One love at a time insists upon discernment: it makes its decisive choice and has no recourse for regret because the will is captured to innate satisfaction – the raw direction of life. It knows what it wants and such single-mindedness augments the weaned soul – the spirit at peace with life as it is.

One love at a time has determined this is the way life is to be. It has deliberately set itself upon less, for it has resolved that less is more; wisdom is gained because the folly of acquisition is forsaken.

It costs no more to buy wisdom and there, alone, is blessing.

One love at a time is resolved past envy; over-the-fence-gazing holds no allure, though much loveliness about life is still freely appreciated. How wonderful to let the world be as it is; valuing what other people have; not needing to have same.

One love at a time is, perhaps most obviously, about sexual fidelity: the flagship of sole congruence of heart. Nothing can complicate our lives more capriciously than the sharing of one’s bed or heart. One love at a time, in this respect, is always a picture of one love to last a lifetime (though it may not always end this way, by life’s travesties).


One love at a time is a simple, powerful life. It swaps envy, confusion, and a splintered focus, for a targeted peace; just one purposeful love at a time. Simplicity is the key to the best of life.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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