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When You Decide

Things will change, only when you decide you are ready to change them. Life is so full of promise, but some days you just don’t see it. I’ll call those days, distractions. Believe me when I say, life is full of them.

How do you tune out all of the distractions? First you have to realize that you are doing something for yourself so you have to be OK with letting go of the distractions. If you are doing any type of work on yourself, you want to clear away all distractions. It means nothing against the people, places or things, it just means that you want to devote your total energy on what is important to you.

No matter if you are trying to lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, you will do those things when you are ready to take it serious. Take a good look at the consequences for not giving up those vices. Next, change the way you feel about what you are doing.

An example for losing weight: food is used for survival, look at food as fuel and nourishment for your body. Maybe if you look at the food you consume differently, you might eat healthier. Another example is quitting smoking. If you smoke a cigarette to de-stress, ask yourself what alternatives you have to de-stress. Maybe that cigarette is not helping you de-stress, it might be adding to it by all of the negative things that it does to your body.

No one can change any situation until they are good and ready to do so. You cannot force a person to change. You can help guide them, tell the ramifications of their actions, but ultimately it is up to them. This is so disheartening to family members and friends who so badly want to help someone going through some very rough times.

All you can do is help them see the person that is deep inside of them. Show them love and kindness, but also set your limits.

Your road, your path, your journey regardless if physical, spiritual or mental, is yours. Be strong, show compassion and love. If you need answers go within, talk to those you love. We are all in this world together, but only you can change when you decide.

Everyone’s timing is unique to them, you will decide things only when you are ready. Your life, your journey when you decide.

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